Life Struggles

Struggling with Life?

You are feeling overwhelmed by stress. You may have lost your job, are struggling with finances, or grieving after the loss of a loved one. You may be experiencing problems with relationships, alcohol or substance use, loneliness, depression, or have problems at work. Maybe you have trouble sleeping or can’t focus.

You may have tried to cope with the problem yourself and maybe even discussed it with friends and family. Sometimes just talking with a sympathetic person helps.

But experts say you know you need professional help when nothing has worked, and you continue to feel depressed, anxious or agitated, or when you are unable to carry on with your obligations at home, work or school for more than a couple of weeks.

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Signs You Need Help

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Our Services

C4 offers a variety of counseling services including group, individual and family counseling which are helpful in dealing with a range of stresses and life struggles. A C4 counselor can help you determine the services that may work best for you. One approach which can be helpful for people struggling with depression and anxiety is cognitive behavior therapy or CBT. This is based on the understanding that our thoughts can affect the way we feel and that changing repetitive negative thoughts can help with sad and anxious feelings.

For more information on C4 counseling services or to set up an appointment, call 773.769.0205.

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