Our Programs

Mental Health Services

At C4’s five community mental health centers, we provide services for children, adolescents and adults. We help people manage mental health problems, overcome substance use and recover from traumas including sexual assault and abuse. Call 773.769.0205 to schedule an appointment.

Mental Health Specialty Areas

  • Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)
  • Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILA)
  • Mental Health Juvenile Justice (MH/JJ)
  • Pre-Admission Screenings (PAS)
  • Community Support Team (CST)
  • Psycho Social Rehabilitation (PSR)

Mental Health Crisis Services

  • Crisis Services & 24-hour Crisis Intervention
  • SASS (Screening, Assessment and Support Services) for Children and Adolescents

Counseling and Therapy

  • Art and Expressive Therapies
  • Counseling/Therapy in Individual, Couple, Family and Group Settings
  • School-Based Services for Children

Psychiatric Services

  • Medication Monitoring
  • Psychiatric Evaluations

Social Services

  • Community Support
  • Mental Health Case Management
  • Representative Payee Services
  • Vocational Rehabilitation, including Supported Employment

Trauma Recovery Services

  • Sexual Assault and Abuse Treatment and Recovery

Education and Advocacy

We also offer education about mental health and advocacy for people with mental health problems.


  • Education about Mental Illness for Families
  • Life Skills for Youth (Alcohol and Drug Use Prevention)
  • Sexual Violence Prevention Education


  • Advocacy for People with Mental Health Problems
  • Parent Advocacy
  • Sexual Assault and Abuse Advocacy

Call 773.769.0205 to schedule an appointment or for more information.