C4 Dedicates New Boardroom to Ruth B. Milavetz

C4 Dedicates New Boardroom to Ruth B. Milavetz

C4's new boardroom was formally dedicated September 11 to the memory of long time board member and staunch supporter Ruth Berman Milavetz.

The new boardroom was built thanks to a $15,000 gift from Milavetz' daughter Karen Weiland  and her son-in-law Richard.

Milavetz represented Temple Emmanuel on the community coalition  that laid the groundwork for the Edgewater Uptown Community Mental Health Center, which became Community Counseling Centers  of Chicago in 1972.

'Ruth was a true hero and early leader in community mental health," observed former CEO Tony Kopera, who worked with Milavetz for more than two decades. "She was always an advocate for those in need and never afraid to voice her opinion or ask hard questions. She was the consummate board member."

Milavetz died in 2007 at the age of 89.

"This is a beautiful room for a beanutiful lady,"  board member Frank Alschuler told family members and staff gathered for the dedication. "Ruth would be pleased."



Pictured above: Karen and Richard Weiland.