C4 Offers Home-Based Services for Older Adults

C4 Offers Home-Based Services for Older Adults

Did you know that C4 now offers mental health services for older adults in their homes?

                Services offered include assessment,  community support, case management, advocacy, therapy, consultation, and linkage to other C4 services.

                Adults  55 years or older who are showing symptoms of mental health issues are eligible for the services, which are covered by Medicaid, Medicare and most private insurances.

                “Older adults may be coping with loss of loved ones,  stress, social isolation or depression,” explains Claudia Kottwitz, who directs C4’s home-based services for older adults. ”Many times, depression and other problems in older adults are overlooked, and we need to make sure that these men and women are getting the care they deserve to live a quality life.”

                More than one in five older Americans-- an estimated 5.6 to 8 million Americans 65 years and older-- suffer from a mental health condition or substance use disorder.  

For more information about C4’s services for older adults, call us at 773-769-0205.