Get Smart about Mental Health

Get Smart about Mental Health

What do a middle school teacher, a crime victim’s advocate, and an airline steward have in common? If you answered that all are certified Mental Health First-Aiders, you’d be right on target. The three participants are among more than 200 individuals who have completed Mental Health First Aid, an innovative 12-hour training program that equips non-professionals to respond to a mental health crisis or help someone who is developing a mental health problem.

Classes typically take place over two six-hour sessions. Participants enroll in the training for different reasons. For Laura Gardner, a junior high teacher living in Uptown, the training was a useful tool in helping her “tween-age” students navigates crises. “I’ve had several students who were abusing alcohol, and a 13-year-old boy who was having panic attacks,” Gardner explains. “His parents didn’t know what to do.” “I think every teacher should have this training.”

For Toula Stolle, the motivation to attend MHFA was personal. “I have several family members struggling with mental illness, and I wanted to learn more about how I could help them,” she said. “I’m sure I could help a stranger, but when’s it’s your family, it’s more difficult.”

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COST: $150 ( includes manual, lunch and snacks for both days) Scholarship aid may be available. For more information, contact Marta Gomez at: