Fund Our Endowment

The C4 Endowment Fund was established to provide a continuing financial resource for present and future mission-driven programs provided by C4 in serving the needs of individuals and families our community. Designed to keep the principal amount intact and using the investment income from dividends for charitable efforts, a donation to the C4 Endowment Fund is a lasting gift that will benefit our clients and community for generations. Gifts to the Endowment Fund typically consist of cash, securities, equities, or property given to C4 with the condition that the principal be maintained in perpetuity and only the income generated may be expended. The creation of the C4 Endowment Fund is a bold step in cultivating an environment for innovation. It will also assure that crucial programming continue far into the future. By making a contribution to the C4 Endowment Fund, you will provide long term financial support to C4. For more information on the C4 Endowment Fund, please call 773.769.0205.