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Challenging Microaggressions for Our Mental Health

Hands from many different people drawn raised in the air

Discrimination—even when subtle—has a consequence. Racial microaggressions have a tremendous impact on the mental health of People of Color. Responding to microaggressions can be challenging – they can make you doubt the legitimacy of your feelings and response.


Here are some tips for People of Color and allies to challenge everyday racism and foster more inclusive environments for the health of all.


Interrupt: “Hold on, let’s stop. We need to address that.”


Question: “Why do you think that? What do you mean? Tell me more.”


Educate: Education and exposure can counter ignorance. In a moment of bias, explain why it is offensive.


Echo: It takes effort to speak up against racist ideas and language. When someone else speaks up, echo them! Reiterate, emphasize, and amplify their message any way you can.