No More Cuts to Mental Health

In  the last four years, Illinois has cut mental health care by almost 32 percent, the fourth worst record in the country.  This year, Governor Quinn is proposing  to cut an additional $54 million from funding for community mental health centers.

At C4, these cuts will drastically reduce or eiiminate already bare-bone services for 1,640 adults  and 200 children with mental illness or substance use problems.  For many, this will mean a return to state hospitals or nursing homes.  The working poor– those without Medicaid or private insurance– will be especially hard hit.

YOU CAN DO SOMETHING TODAY! Tell your legislators that these unfair and devastating funding cuts must be restored.

TO make it easy, we’ve included a sample letter below you can cut and paste into your e-mail to send to your state representative and senator.  Be sure to add your name and address. Then use the link to find your legislators’ contact information.

Thank you!

Dear Legislator:

 I  urge you  to support maintaining full capacity grant funding for community mental health centers, and to oppose further deep cuts in funding for the  Illinois mental health budget.

Thousands of adults and children depend on comprehensive housing, psychiatric and crisis intervention services that would be eliminated by the proposed funding cuts.  For too long, our state’s most vulnerable citizens have borne the brunt of our state’s fiscal crisis: compared to other parts of the  state budget, human services have been cut disproportionately for several years.

Maintaining current funding levels  will not only protect Illinois residents who depend on these services, but is in the best interest of Illinois taxpayers , who will pay  more for incarceration,  hospitalizations,  and emergency  room care  if these proposed  cuts are not restored.

 Thank you.

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