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Keeping our ear to the community: C4 launches Substance Use & Recovery program

As a nonprofit and social service provider, C4’s services are determined by the needs of the families and communities we serve. In 2021, there were over 106,600 deaths due to drug overdose in the U.S.– the highest on record. This marks a 51 percent increase in drug overdose deaths from prior to the pandemic. In Chicago alone, 2,000 died of opioid overdoses last year. Over the past year and a half, C4 convened a multi-disciplinary team to assess and prepare for the launch of a substance use and recovery program, and we are excited to announce that these services are now available at our North Center Square office. 


C4’s SUR program offers a variety of tailored-interventions and comprehensive supports for individuals challenged by substance use. These services include DUI Evaluation and Risk Education classes, as well as both gender-based and trauma-informed recovery groups and an intensive outpatient program. Additionally, C4 offers a select number of these services via telehealth to expand accessibility for those with diverse needs.   


As a matter of clinical philosophy, C4’s SUR program is rooted in harm reduction, an evidence-based and pragmatic approach that aims to minimize the negative consequences of substance use without requiring abstinence as a goal. Interventions can include encouraging safe use through the distribution of supplies – such as Narcan, testing strips, and sterile needles – as well as reducing the dangers of withdrawal through medication-assisted recovery plans. Harm reduction is proven to be effective against deaths from overdose, preventing the transmission of infectious disease, and reduces the strain on first responders and emergency departments by emphasizing self-determination, safety, and health and well-being during active drug use. 


Further details on our programs can be found below. If you have additional questions, please contact Kelsey DiPirro, Director of Substance Use, Recovery, & Pathways to Success, at [email protected]; if you are interested in services for yourself or a loved one, please visit the Request Services page. 



Program Offering Flyers:


DUI Evaluation & Risk Education Program 


Level 1 & 101 Groups (for providers)


Level 1 & 101 Groups continued (for providers)


Intensive Outpatient Group Therapy  


Healing from Home: Telehealth Options 


Gender-specific Telehealth Options